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Facial Recognition Time Clock

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Make sure the right people are clocking on without worry thanks to the advanced and foolproof options and products available from the team at Bundy Time. Committed to streamlining the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses throughout Australia our skilled and professional team have the ability to improve workplace performance and productivity with our reliable and detailed solutions.

Incorporating technology that identifies the unique biometric features of the user, facial recognition time clocks and clocking in systems remove any doubt that it is anyone else but the right employee clocking in and out of a particular shift.

Cost-effective and efficient, our facial recognition time clocks help managers remove the need for keeping track of time cards, manually inputting time and date data, and ensuring that employee privacy is maintained. Accurate and cost-effective, facial recognition time clocks are an invaluable addition to your working environment.

Is a Facial Recognition Clock In System Right for Your Business?

Are you considering making the change from punch card system to a facial recognition clock in machine? At Bundy Time we strive to provide you with exactly what you are looking for to modernise your workplace. Working best in large companies or businesses that are security-sensitive facial recognition systems make sure the right person is logging in to work.

What Are the Features of Facial Recognition Time Clocks?

Using advanced and highly-accurate scanners and cameras, the facial recognition time clock identifies unique facial features on catalogued employees, ensuring that only the right employee can clock in under the right name.

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