Timelogix TL200 with WIFI Biometric Time and Attendance System for under 50 employees.

$1,100.00 GST Included

The Timelogix with WIFI Biometric Time Clock together with the Timelogix Cloud Software was designed for small business with under 50 employees. With the Timelogix Fingerprint Time Clock you can track Employee’s Time and Attendance with the touch of a finger.

Included with the Timelogix TL200W Time Clock is the Timelogix Cloud Software. FREE 3 Months User License Fee for up to 50 employees, FREE 3 Months support includes unlimited email, phone, TeamViewer remote log in support, Remote Login Software setup and consulting using Teamviewer, and 12 Months Factory back to base warranty on hardware


PLEASE NOTE: After 3 Months $1.00 per User per Month ongoing License fee will apply. (billed annually)


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Timelogix TL200 with WIFI Biometric Time and Attendance System for under 50 employees.

Real Time "Push Technology"

What good is a device without the ability to interact and communicate with the software seamlessly.

The Timelogix system was built the latest & greatest communication technology, having the ability to transfer time records from the time clock to the software instantly in real time. The software also sends user data to the time clock as it happens.

The days of downloading and uploading data are over.

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Timelogix Cloud Time & Attendance Software

Now that we have covered the ability to collect and transfer data from the time clock to the software, now this data must be managed efficiently. The Timelogix time and attendance software was built with that in mind, we added all the features you need to manage your employees time & attendance in an easy to use, intuitive and low-cost solution. This mind-blowing user interface allows you to process your time data and make payroll a snap.

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