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What is an Employee Time Recorder?

An employee time recorder, sometimes known as an employee time clock, clock card machine, Bundy clock, time card machine or a punch clock is a mechanical, electronic, digital or biometric clock. These time recorders are used for tracking employee time and attendance by clocking on and off either by using a time card, proximity card, pin code, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

What is Biometric?

Biometric or Biometrics is the method of identifying humans by a characteristic such as fingerprint, face, breath, DNA or any other Biological methods. The two forms of identification in our systems are fingerprint recognition and face recognition.

Why get an employee attendance system?

A time and attendance system saves money and enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours. It helps control labour costs by minimising mistakes such as over-payments and decreasing the hours a staff member spends fixing up payroll errors. Time and attendance system protects a company from payroll fraud and also is the employees claim for wages, it is their proof that they were present for that amount of time and therefore entitled to correct wages for hours worked along with any penalties associated with those hours.

How does the business introduce an employee time clock, time and attendance system to their staff?

It’s a good idea to explain to your staff why you have decided to purchase a time and attendance system or update your current one. It is wise to discuss what is considered clocking on and off times and what will be the discipline/reward parameters? If employees try hard to be on time but are docked anyway they may feel dishearten.

What types of Time and Attendance Systems are there?

Bundy time clocks are the most traditional clock. The Bundy brothers first designed the original Bundy clock in the 1880’s. A paper card called a Time Card was inserted into the clock; the clock punched a hole in the card when clocked, that’s why these clocks were also called Punch Clocks. Bundy clocks now can electronically know where to print the time on the card, this method of time recording is very simple and easy to use, resulting in a printed time card for each employees pay period. The employee time clocks can be either non-calculating or calculating time clock. Non-calculating time clock will just stamp the date and time on a time card. Calculating time clocks are similar to a basic time clock. Nevertheless, at the end of each period the total time recorded is added up allowing for quicker processing by payroll. Digital time clocks use digital technology to record employee time and attendance. Employee’s simply swipe their card or enter their pin code to record their time. The recorded times are stored in the time clocks memory which can then be transferred to time recording software to interpret the hours worked. Biometric Time Clocks use some of the latest technology available to keep track of employee time such as using fingerprints or face recognition. Fingerprint – The employee places his fingerprint over the sensor. The machine reads the fingerprint and matches it against its database. Face ID – The employee stands in front of the clock. The machine reads the face and matches it against its database.

How can I streamline my payroll process?

Processing payroll can be a time-consuming weekly event. Adding up hours, calculating overtime and then collating that information and entering into payroll can be a tedious process. There are many options to help with this task. Option 1- Seiko QR395 is a self-calculating employee time clock. This calculating time recorder can be used for up to 100 staff. Using QR375 time cards this time clock remembers every time card for the pay period. It remembers up to 32 pairs of times for the pay week per card, prints start and stop times, prints a daily total of work hours and a running total of work hours for the pay period. Option 2 –If you are after a computer base systems then our Fingertec range offers a variety of clocking terminals all utilizing the TCMS Software. The employee time clock is located anywhere on your premises linked to your network or computer. Employees are easily setup on a variety of shifts to meet their working hours. You can easily see who is late, who is at work, how long employees took for lunch, total work hours and total overtime. Print or save reports for emailing. By pay day, you have totals for all employees ready to enter into you payroll system. Option 3 – If you wish to go one step further you can have Payroll Integration from TCMS Software. The data imports over direct to your payroll software, so no tedious data entry, time-consuming collating anymore. Some of the software programs we have are able to integrate to are QuickBooks and MYOB.

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