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Bundy Clock System Australia

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Seiko Tp 50 Time Recorder
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Are you after a foolproof and simple way to let your employees log in and sign out of their workplace at the start and the end of their shift? Get the right solution without spending a large amount thanks to the experts at Bundy Time.

Made for the modern workplace our excellent bundy clock systems help business managers accurately and correctly track employee attendance at work, ensuring that time is used efficiently and that workplaces operate with increased productivity.

With over 40 years of experience in the time and attendance industry Bundy Time can make sure you get the bundy time clocks in Australia and for a competitive price.

Bundy Time Clocks

Designed to increase employee responsibility and accountability, bundy time clocks offer a straightforward and easy to follow option for employers and workplaces wanting to increase the output of their workplace.

Made by manufacturers such as Seiko, our time clocks, biometric systems, time attendance software, wifi time clocks, time cards, and bell timers, make sure that employers are fully aware of the time that employees spend not only at work, but also on tasks. Streamline the effectiveness of your workplace thanks to Bundy Time’s bundy time clocks.

No matter the size of your business or how many employees you have working for you, businessowners can find the right solution to manage and organise time schedules and attendance thanks to Bundy Time.

What is a Bundy Clock?

A bundy clock is a mechanical time clock that uses a time card to record the arrival and departure of employees at the start and end of their assigned shift. The name “bundy” comes from Australian English and refers to the machines inventors Willard and Harlow Bundy.

How Does a Clocking In System Work?

Using a time card inserted either at the top or bottom of the time clock, the clocking in system creates a definite physical record of an employee’s attendance at work during a set period of time.

Can You Punch In Early?

Employees will not be allowed to punch in early if it is before a particular time, ensuring that workers are not working beyond set hours.

To learn more about our precise time clock systems and solutions give us a call on 1800 703 901.