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Fingerprint Time Clocks

Are you searching for a time clock machine or device that is uniquely programmed to the employee? Do you want a time clock system that will greatly remove the likelihood of debate between you and your employees regarding worked hours? Find exactly what you are looking for thanks to the advance fingerprint clock solutions on offer from Bundy Time.

With over 40 years of detailed industry experience behind us, our team is able to supply effective biometric fingerprint attendance scanners for employees, ensuring the correct employee is clocking in or out under the right name.

Fingerprint Scanners

Using the latest in time keeping and tracking technology, Bundy Time’s selection of fingerprint scanners for employees are becoming widely accepted and installed across many businesses.

Able to read the unique features found in each employee’s finger, our biometric fingerprint scanners catalogue the fingerprints of each employee, offering a greater level of accuracy when it comes to tracking and recording worked hours, and preventing others from tampering with their own or their co-worker’s, hours. You can invest in integrated fingerprint payroll and fingerprint timesheet systems from Bundy Time, making every aspect of accounting and time keeping more straightforward.

At Bundy Time, we strive to streamline the operations of our customers while also improving their businesses’ output thanks to our effective and modern solutions. From time cards to time clocksWi-Fibell timers, and even mobile clock in systems for remote workers, Bundy Time can supply you with the time tracking and access control systems you’ve been searching for.

Employee Fingerprint Time Clock

At Bundy Time, we know that each employee’s fingerprint is unique to them. Prevent time tracking or attendance being attributed to the wrong employee thanks to our selection of advanced and accurate fingerprint time clocks for small businesses.

By replacing traditional punch card time clocks, fingerprint time and attendance machines provide a digital record of a particular employee’s time at work, allowing managers to directly access this information and change scheduling immediately.

How Does a Biometric Attendance Machine Work?

Using highly-accurate and safe scanners, the biometric attendance scanner compares the finger’s patterns with the patterns it has taken from the same previously-scanned finger. As each fingerprint contains unique patterning, this is a highly accurate method for confirming someone’s identity.

Is a Fingerprint Time Clock Legal?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: the biometric fingerprint scanner does not store an image of a person’s fingerprint. It takes an initial scan and then deletes this image, saving only the pattern for identification. A fingerprint clocking system cannot be used to recreate fingerprints and is a legal option for managers looking to record time and attendance.

To learn more about the benefits of our fingerprint time clocks, give us a call on 1800 703 901.

Fingerprint Time Clocks Australia 

Have you ever challenged the authenticity of an employee clocking in for another? With Bundy Time’s fingerprint time clocks Australia, each of your employees has a unique fingerprint that is impossible to replicate, offering a foolproof system for time and attendance. Bundy Time’s fingerprint time clock is a device tuned to each employee’s fingerprint for attendance tracking.

Whether your business is big or small, our accurate technology provides a seamless attendance tracking experience. As a business solution, this prevents loopholes such as time theft, buddy punching, or payroll fraud. With us, there’s no need to worry about when your employees are checking out.

Fingerprint Time Clock Melbourne 

Whether you’re a business owner in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Hobart, using Bundy Time’s fingerprint time clock will benefit your business. Our system records ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ times, giving you up-to-date information. With digitally advanced machines, this record data makes it easier to resolve any payroll disputes.

With our vast industry experience and the latest technology, we offer your team an effective solution for all your business needs. Regarding attendance tracking and recording worked hours, our fingerprint time clocks provide greater accuracy and reliability. There’s no need to stress about the more minor details.

Fingerprint Time Clock Sydney 

Bundy Time’s fingerprint time clock systems are designed to meet the needs of businesses across Australia. Our devices deliver a precise record of your employees’ time, easily integrated into your existing systems for stress-free management of human resources.

The device scans the unique patterns on the employee’s fingerprint when they clock in and out. Preventing unauthorised individuals from logging into the wrong account, our system provides a foolproof method of attendance tracking for complete peace of mind.

Fingerprint Time Clock Brisbane 

Whether you’re a business looking for a fingerprint time clock in Adelaide or Perth, you may be wondering how a fingerprint time clock works. It’s pretty straightforward! The employee places their finger on the scanner, and their unique patterns are matched against previously stored data. If a successful match is found, the system records their attendance. This provides accurately tracked working hours, a comprehensive system for modern workplaces aiming to boost productivity.

Why Choose Bundy Time for Fingerprint Time Clocks in Adelaide and Across Australia? 

Bundy Time has been the leading time clock system supplier in Australia for over 40 years. Our advanced fingerprint clock solutions have revolutionised how businesses track time and attendance:

  1. Unique Identification: Utilising biometric technology, our devices require an employee’s unique fingerprint for attendance logging, reducing the cases of time theft and buddy punching.
  2. Easy Integration: Our fingerprint time clocks integrate seamlessly into your existing Payroll and HRM systems, facilitating easy management of employee hours.
  3. Nationwide Supply: Whether it’s a business in bustling Sydney or laid-back Adelaide, our machines have found their way into companies of all sizes across Australia.
  4. Reliable and Fast: Our devices digitally record ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ times, making it easier to resolve any payroll disputes.

The boutique selection of fingerprint time clocks at Bundy Time doesn’t stop at facilitating efficient time tracking; it enhances workplace practices. Our continued commitment to technological advancement ensures we lead the market in Australian attendance software. To explore our range of time clocks, browse our products online or call 1800 703 901 today. Choose the best for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fingerprint Time Clocks in Australia

What is a Fingerprint Time Clock in Melbourne, and how does it work?

A fingerprint time clock accurately records employees’ attendance by their unique fingerprints. It’s a simple procedure where an employee places their finger on the scanner, which is then matched to previously stored data, logging the attendance accurately.

Why should I choose a Fingerprint Time Clock for my business in Sydney?

The Fingerprint Time Clock provided by Bundy Time offers a foolproof system of attendance tracking. It eliminates issues like time theft, buddy punching, and payroll fraud, ensuring precise time tracking for businesses in Sydney.

How can Fingerprint Time Clocks bring efficiency to workplaces in Brisbane?

Bundy Time’s Fingerprint Time Clocks in Brisbane not only tracks attendance accurately but they are also digitally advanced, recording clock in and out times, making it easier to resolve any payroll disputes. There’s no need to worry about the small details.

How can Adelaide businesses integrate Fingerprint Time Clocks into their system?

Bundy Time offers Fingerprint Time Clock solutions that can be integrated into your existing Payroll and HRM systems, which makes managing employee hours easier for your business in Adelaide.

Will investing in a Fingerprint Time Clock result in business growth for companies based in Australia?

Yes, it can. With Bundy Time’s Fingerprint Time Clocks, businesses across Australia can benefit from enhanced workplace practices. It provides not only precise time tracking but also boosts productivity, making processes easier!