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Time Card Rack

Plarge Card Rack 400 3 52
$121.00GST Included
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Cr25x106 Card Rack
$88GST Included
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Crg25x86 Card Rack
$66.00GST Included
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At Bundy Time we know that an organised workplace is a better workplace. Since starting up over 40 years ago the team at Bundy Time have aimed to increase the effectiveness and output of small and large businesses thanks to our modern and reliable products and solutions.

Available at competitive prices, the time clocks, mobile clock in systems, bell timers, and related software that we offer our valued customers our cost-effective options will greatly streamline and improve operations with ease.

Designed to safely store and organise time cards, our time card racks are resilient and securely attach to the wall next to the clock in machine, ensuring that employees needing to punch in or out don’t have to go searching for a misplaced time card.

Should You Have a Time Card Rack in Your Workplace?

You should definitely have a time card rack in your workplace if you have time cards for tracking employee shifts and worked hours. By keeping the time cards neatly organised the rack removes the chances of missing a shift or not being paid for time you have worked.

What Are the Features of Time Card Racks?

A simple feature at your workplace, our time card racks feature a number of slots to allow enough space for the storage of in-use and spare time cards. Additionally, some of our time card racks are adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened based on usage requirements.

Make the right choice for your workplace thanks to Bundy Time. Find out more by calling us on 1800 703 901.