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At Bundy Time, we provide reliable proximity time clocks to keep track of your employee’s attendance. We make sure clocking in and out is a straightforward process for both employees and employers. Accuracy and efficiency are critical for business, so we make it easier for you to manage time and attendance.

Our proximity time clocks are equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed to streamline the process while encouraging responsibility among your staff. These devices only need employees to wave their badge near the sensor, a fast and efficient method for recording attendance.

As Australia’s leading time clock system supplier, we understand that with the continuous digital revolution, businesses need to adapt traditional practices. Our advanced proximity time clocks are the perfect solution to help businesses keep on track.

Advantages of Proximity Time Clocks 

Proximity time clocks offer convenience, reliability, and a heightened level of security. Bundy’s proximity time clocks are a powerful ally against time theft and buddy punching, eliminating worries about unauthorised personnel clocking in or out.

Besides the improved accuracy, our proximity time clocks save your business time and resources in the long run. Bundy Time offers a variety of proximity time clocks in Melbourne to ensure that businesses of every size and industry find a solution.

Proximity devices are an essential tool for every Australian business interested in optimising their employee management in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Why Choose Bundy Time for Proximity Time Clocks

  • Detailed Reporting: Our proximity time clocks offer detailed reporting features that deliver real-time insights into workforce attendance and labour costs. You’ll have access to critical data essential to your business.
  • Streamlined Payroll: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry or calculations. Bundy Time’s proximity time clock automates your payroll process by recording all hours worked, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Easy to Use: Our user-friendly platform is designed to meet all technology skill levels. Both employers and employees can quickly navigate the system, making it a breeze to input, manage, and understand timesheet data.
  • Excellent Support: Our team of professional customer service agents offers round-the-clock support to all our clients. This means you can reach out to us whenever you need help. If you have questions about how to navigate your software.

Choose Bundy Time for the best professional proximity time clocks in Australia. Contact our friendly team today at 1800 703 901 for a quote.

How to Set Up and Use Proximity Time Clocks? 

Setting up Bundy Time’s proximity time clocks is a straightforward installation. Our dedicated team in Melbourne will guide you every step of the way. Once set up, using the system is just as easy. Employees simply need to wave their badge or card in front of the device to clock in or out!

Being a wireless time clock, this system is easy to reposition as per your needs without worrying about connectivity issues. Integrating this accessory with your time clock payroll software couldn’t be simpler, making Bundy time’s proximity time clocks a reliable and convenient attendance system for businesses across Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. As an employer, there’s no need to worry about the small details.

Proximity Time Clocks for Sale Online 

Shopping for proximity time clocks online couldn’t be more accessible with Bundy Time. Not only do we have a broad range of options to accommodate every Australian business need, but our user-friendly online platform also makes selecting and purchasing your desired system that much easier.

Invest in accurate and secure time tracking with Bundy Time proximity time clocks – a trusted name for time and attendance systems throughout Australia. Call us today on 1800 703 901 to get started!

Upgrading Your System with Proximity Time Clock Accessories 

At Bundy Time, we offer a range of time clock accessories. These enhancements ensure your system remains up-to-date with the latest technology, as well as being adaptable to match evolving security concerns.

Whether your business is in Melbourne, Sydney, or any part of Australia, upgrading your system with accessories from Bundy Time supports time and attendance tracking. Make payroll easier. Start your journey towards effective time management and increased productivity with Bundy Time’s proximity time clocks today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Proximity Time Clocks in Melbourne

What are proximity time clocks for businesses in Melbourne?

Proximity time clocks are attendance tracking systems used in businesses to record employee work hours. At Bundy Time, our proximity time clocks use the latest technology, requiring employees to wave badges near the sensor simply. Experience a fast, efficient attendance recording.

What are the advantages of using proximity time clocks in my business in Melbourne?

Implementing proximity time clocks brings many benefits, such as convenience, reliability, enhanced security, and effective prevention of time theft. The system also improves accuracy and streamlines attendance tracking, saving your business time and resources in the long run.

How can I set a Bundy Time proximity time clock in Melbourne?

Setting up a Bundy Time proximity time clock is straightforward, with our dedicated team guiding you through each step. Once installed, your employees will find it easier to sign in and out, and you’ll be able to have an accessible record of this.

How can I purchase proximity time clocks online for my business in Melbourne?

It’s simple and easy with Bundy Time. Select your preferred system from the range of options available on our user-friendly website and place an order. Your proximity time clock will be delivered to your doorstep, ready for installation.

What accessories are available for proximity time clocks from Bundy Time in Melbourne?

Bundy Time offers a range of time clock accessories to maximise the efficiency of your system. These enhancements provide an up-to-date device with the latest technology and adaptable to your changing business needs.