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Bundy Clock Bell Timer

Orbis Digital Timer
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With over 40 years of firsthand and extensive industry experience supplying the best time tracking and attendance monitoring products to our valued customers, business managers across Australia can trust the team at Bundy Time to greatly improve and streamline their productivity and the management of their employees.

Working well in combination with time cards, time clocks, access control systems, and biometric time clocks, bell timers help keep a workplace on time and schedule by alerting employees to shift changes, emergencies, and other events.

Committed to helping our customers improve their workplace, Bundy Time ensures that our customers have all they need to track employee time, monitor the daily operations of the workplace, and make informed decisions regarding scheduling, payroll, and shifts.

What Are the Benefits of Bell Timers?

Programmable, able to be set at varying times, and emitting a shrill tone that grabs attention, bell timers are most effective in noisy environments where they can be heard above machinery or equipment. These timers excel in places where you need to let workers across a large area know that it is time to begin work, break, or go home.

How Much Are Bell Timers?

Being affordably-priced, our bell timers are able to be set up and installed in small and large businesses with ease. When you get a bell timer from Bundy Time you can be assured that what you are buying is of the highest quality.

To speak to a member of our helpful and reliable team about our leading products give us a call on 1800 703 901.