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Time Clock Systems Australia

As one of the leading time clock system suppliers in Australia, the team at Bundy Time know the importance of having physical proof of employee attendance that is tamper-proof. With over 40 years of detailed industry experience behind us, we can streamline Aussie businesses with our modern and efficient Aussie time clocks.

Available in a number of styles, our Australian time clock systems and time clock machines for employees are accurate and easy to use, ensuring that all of your employees will be responsible for their own attendance and departure at work.

Thanks to our competitively-priced, simple employee time clocks, business owners can streamline their day-to-day operations and improve their output, while also having irrefutable proof of the hours worked by employees should they be challenged regarding take-home pay. Whether you’re looking for the best time clock for small businesses or an online timecard system for large corporations, we have you covered.

Employee Time Clocks for Small Business

At Bundy Time, we know that keeping track of an employee’s hours can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for small businesses. Manufactured by leading brands such as Seiko, our reliable and modern time clocks track employees clocking in and clocking out of their shift without fail.

Along with our staff time card clocks, we also have a selection of remoteWi-Fibiometric, and bell timer time clocks that accurately measure, record, and track the amount of time employees spend at work. Ask our team to provide the best time card solutions and time card punching machines for you, including the best online time clock in Melbourne and Australia.

Our competitively-priced and reliable time clocks for sale allow small business owners to conduct their daily activities and run their business without distractions such as worrying about whether their employees are actually on-shift or not. Thanks to our simple time clocks for small business managers, you can improve your business with ease and without needing to micromanage employees.

Electronic Time Clock

Do you want a workplace time clock that is tamper-proof and accurately records the time employees clock in and clock out of their shift? At Bundy Time, our selection of time card systems and time-keeping solutions has evolved and grown with advances in the industry. To provide our customers with the best employee time clock machines possible, we have an extensive range of electronic employee time clock machine systems for Perth businesses and others across Australia. From the 240v time clock to time clock apps, we have you covered.

Providing a more streamlined clock in-clock out process, the electronic time clock is without fail and ensures that employees remain accountable and motivated for the duration of the shift.

Punch Card Time Clock 

One of the oldest and more common forms of tracking employee clock in and clock out times, the punch card time clock is reliable and simple. Punching the time and date onto the time card, these workplace time clocks keep accurate track of the hours worked by the employee.

Perfect for workplaces across all industries, our range of punch card time clocks present a cost-effective time card machine solution that anyone can use. As one of the leading suppliers of time clocks in Australia, Bundy Time guarantees that you will notice a positive change in workplace efficiency thanks to our irrefutable time clocks and timesheet machines.

How Does the Time Clock Work?

The time clock works by having the employee manually enter a code, or punch card depending on the machine, at the start of their shift and again at the end of their shift. This allows managers to gain insights into their employee’s working habits and keeps employees accountable. You can invest in a time clock with integrations for Xero payroll, another online payroll time clock, or a more traditional punch card solution.

Why You Need an Employee Time Clock System in Your Workplace

Time clock systems are an essential component of the workplace. On top of ensuring that everyone is where they should be when they are scheduled to be there, time clocks also stand as physical evidence should an employee debate their take-home pay at the end of a pay cycle or shift.

Whether you’re looking for a time clock in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or anywhere across Australia, we are here for you. To find out more about our advanced and affordable time clock systems and how they can greatly benefit your workplace, give us a call today on 1800 703 901.