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With more and more ways to tamper with electronic records, better ways to track time and attendance are required. As Australia’s leading time clock system suppliers, the team at Bundy Time proudly offer the most accurate and advanced time clocks on the market, ensuring that small and large business owners are able to increase productivity and gain peace of mind for an affordable price.

Along with standard time cards and Wi-Fi time clocks, Bundy Time stocks biometric time clocks for precise and secure time tracking and recording. Scanning the fingerprints, or the face, biometric time clocks ensure that it is the right person clocking in without any shadow of a doubt. This also makes it easier to keep a biometric timesheet and resolve any payroll disputes.

Make your employees accountable and make payroll easier thanks to Bundy Time.

Biometric Attendance System

Ensure that your workers arrive and depart a shift at the correct time thanks to the biometric attendance systems and biometric clocking systems on offer from Bundy Time. By tracking the time that an employee clocks on and clocks off, attendance systems can increase productivity and efficiency, making them a highly valuable addition to the workplace.

By relying on biometrics, these systems help businesses ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the person scanning in, preventing others for covering for late co-workers, while also giving employees a renewed sense of personal responsibility within the business. You can also integrate biometric time attendance machines with your payroll, making business accounting easier.

Biometric Scanners

Safe, accurate, and fast, biometric scanners identify unique patterns and traits found in fingerprints and the face to give each employee their own identity and profile. This ensures that the employee is correctly identified every time they access the machines, preventing fraud or employees logging in to the wrong account.

What is the Use of a Biometric Time Clock?

A biometrics time clock provides employers with an up-to-date and detailed accounting of their employee’s clock on and clock off times, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding scheduling. Biometric clocks are also useful should any conflicts arise regarding hours works.

Why Do You Need Biometrics?

Biometrics offer increased security and peace of mind for employees and employers alike by identifying unique features and traits. These systems allow you to create biometrics payroll systems and make it easier to track timesheets and the timeliness of employees.

To learn more about biometrics or to get a biometrics clock for yourself, call us today on 1800 703 901.

Biometric Attendance System 

Elevating your business operations in Melbourne has never been more straightforward. A biometric attendance system from Bundy Time detects unique identifying traits–such as fingerprints or facial recognition–for precise and reliable time tracking. As an employer in Adelaide, you have a detailed and accurate record of your staff’s attendance and working hours, making it simpler to manage payroll.

With a Bundy Time biometric attendance system in operation, your business in Sydney can benefit from an increased level of security. The use of unique identifying features minimises the risk of fraudulent timekeeping, as only your staff can access the system. This means that you can have absolute confidence in your timekeeping records, knowing they reflect data you can trust.

A biometric attendance system from Bundy Time also plays a significant role in promoting employee accountability. When each staff member has their own unique identifier in the system, it strengthens their personal responsibility in the workplace.

Fingerprint Time Clocks

Wanting to transition to a biometric attendance system? Our experienced team is here to provide you with all the necessary training and guidance to ensure your new timekeeping system is a success. Whether you have a small operation in Gold Coast or a large enterprise in Brisbane, we can get your new attendance system ready.

With an installation process as quick and hassle-free as possible, we make sure your system is reliable to start using at work. All you need to do is order your biometric attendance system online, and we will handle the rest.

Samsung Tablet & Accessories

For an express time tracker package for your business, a Samsung Tablet is an excellent way to keep track of your employee data in real-time. As a cloud-based attendance system, this is suitable for any industry.

The package includes a Samsung 4G tablet preloaded with the time tracker software, hardware and software setup, a black wall mount, a two-metre cable and wall mounting board, 12 months of warranty, and more. Speak to the friendly Bundy Time team if you have any questions about using this technology. 

FaceID Time Clock 

Instead of fingerprint technology, the FaceID Time Clock uses employees' faces to clock them in and out of work. As each person’s face has unique identifiers, a facial recognition system is powerful enough to detect this. If you’re business in Melbourne or Sydney and are looking to upgrade your current checkout system, this is a great way to keep business operations secure. With a FaceID time clock, you don’t need to stress about the finer details.

Why Choose Bundy Time for your Biometric Attendance System? 

Bundy Time has been the leading biometric attendance system supplier in Australia for over 40 years. Our advanced fingerprint clock solutions have revolutionised the way businesses track time and attendance:

  1. Unique Identification: Utilising biometric technology, our devices require an employee's unique fingerprint for attendance logging, significantly reducing the cases of time theft and buddy punching.
  2. Easy Integration: Our fingerprint time clocks integrate into your existing Payroll and HRM systems, facilitating easy management of employee hours.
  3. Nationwide Supply: Whether it’s a business in Sydney or Adelaide, our machines work for all companies across Australia.
  4. Reliable and Fast: Our devices digitally record 'clock in' and 'clock out' times, making it easier to resolve any payroll disputes.

The selection of fingerprint time clocks at Bundy Time doesn't stop at facilitating efficient time tracking; it enhances workplace practices. Our continued commitment to technological advancement ensures we lead the market in Australian attendance software. To explore the time clocks, browse our products online or call 1800 703 901 today. Choose the best for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions for Biometric Attendance System in Melbourne

What is a biometric attendance system from Bundy Time?

A biometric attendance system from Bundy Time is a highly advanced and secure timekeeping tool that uses unique identifiers. This includes fingerprints or facial recognition to track employee attendance and work hours effectively.

How can a Bundy Time biometric attendance system upgrade my business operations in Melbourne?

Upgrading to a Biometric attendance system allows for precise time tracking, resulting in a more accurate record of staff attendance and work hours. This not only simplifies payroll management but also assists in better schedule planning.

How does a Bundy Time biometric attendance system enhance security?

The Biometric attendance system from Bundy Time cuts back the risk of fraudulent timekeeping. Only recognised staff can access the system, so you can feel confident in tamper-proof and accurate timekeeping records.

What support does Bundy Time provide for transitioning to a biometric attendance system in Melbourne?

Bundy Time provides a seamless transition to the biometric attendance system with the help of expert training, comprehensive support materials, tutorials, and ongoing assistance. Our team is committed to ensuring that your new timekeeping system is a complete success.

Why should I choose Bundy Time for a biometric attendance system?

Choosing Bundy Time means partnering with Australia’s leading experts in time clock system supply, who are committed to excellent customer care. Their biometric attendance system provides security and accurate timekeeping, making it a reliable option for businesses of all sizes.