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Iris Time Clock

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Are you after an accurate, advanced, and hard to replicate access control system or time clock for your workplace? Find what you are looking for thanks to the professional and cost-effective solutions and products on offer from the team at Bundy Time.

Using enhanced biometrics to identify traits unique to the user, iris time clocks harmlessly and quickly scan the iris of the employee to confirm their identity and allow them to clock on or clock off from their shift.

This time clock provides managers and employers with a simple and effective record of their employee’s attendance at work that cannot be tampered with, giving the employer peace of mind while improving employee performance.

On top of our iris time clocks Bundy Time also offers access control systems, time cards, time clock software, facial recognition clocking in systems, and mobile clock in systems for a variety of small and large businesses for an affordable price.

Iris Time Attendance Systems

Are you concerned about employees clocking in too early or too late? Do you want to be sure that everyone is working the hours that they put down on their timesheet? Enjoy clarity and peace of mind for a competitive price thanks to the advanced and detailed solutions on offer from Bundy Time.

Our accurate iris attendance systems scan the employee’s iris, comparing it to the pattern that the system has on file. This allows for greater accuracy and certainty in who is logging on and at what time.

Why Choose Iris Attendance Systems?

Much like fingerprints, and other biometric options, the iris is extremely hard to replicate, all but ensuring that this option will forever be unique the to particular employee. This makes identity theft and false logins a thing of the past and helps the manager streamline their operations.

Is Iris Scanning Accurate?

Able to identify an iris with a certainty level in the high 90% range iris scanning is extremely accurate.

To find out more about our superior attendance system services and solutions call Bundy Time today on 1800 703 901.